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06 Nov 2015 
Kitchen fire suppressionKitchens, whether in homes or in commercial places like restaurants, are places that constantly use heat and fire for cooking. Fire can, therefore, be a major hazard, and it is very important to take the right measures for kitchen fire suppression. Installing the necessary equipment to fight fires and ensure the proper ventilation are as essential as having the right work tables, the right pots and pans and the right equipment in the kitchen.

You also need to take proper care to maintain any extraction and ventilation systems, like chimney and extractor fans. These devices will gather oil and other by-products from cooking and can tend to clog up systems, and themselves turn into fire hazards. A kitchen is always a dangerous place to be in, what with its collection of knives, choppers and the constant fires and heat. Prevention and the safe use of all the tools of the trade are essential to prevent any fires from taking hold.

It also makes sense to see that pots and pans that are on the fire are never left unattended, as oil when overheated can catch fire. It is also essential that any equipment for dealing with fires is constantly tested to ensure that it is working properly. These inspections must be carried out by trained technicians, and their recommendations must be acted on immediately. If gas is being used, care must be taken in switching on the gas and it can do no harm to have devices that warn you of leaking gas.

Ansul R-102

For commercial establishments, it also makes sense to ensure to have adequate insurance as a protection. Insurance companies insist on inspections before granting such policies and this can serve as an additional precaution for kitchen fire suppression. Safety must be practiced by everybody who works in the kitchen.

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06 Nov 2015 
Ansul distributorsA very important aspect of maintaining any business, or even household, is to make sure that you have some type of fire suppression system. This could be something as simple as a portable fire extinguisher that you have been a couple different rooms, providing you with easy access. You may want to use something that is a little more resilient such as a extinguisher with a specific type of foam agent. Gaseous suppression systems, as well as industrial systems are used by companies all around the world. In this article, we will talk about how you can find Ansul distributors that will help you find exactly what you need.

Locating Ansul Distributors

These companies can be found by going to their main website where you can see their products, resource center and also their distributor portal. This will help you find one of the many locations throughout the country where you can get this type of equipment. The main login is for distributors where they can take advantage of the information that is provided to them when they are selling these products on the web or at a local store. By clicking the find a distributor button, you can click on both the United States map, and also the international distributor map, to find a company office.

Getting The Best Deals

All you have to do to get the best deals is to make sure that you are getting the right system that can help you with your particular situation. The more time that you spend looking, and also determining exactly what it is the need, the faster you will be able to start protecting your home or office with these fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems. Sometimes there are deals that are offered online that you can use immediately or picking it up at the local store.

Contact One Today

Ansul R-102

It's easy to contact these businesses which will be easy to find by choosing the state, county and product that you want. Once you hit submit, the information will be displayed so that you can quickly visit or contact them by phone, finding out if they do have what you want in stock. These are some of the best devices in the industry, and if you are able to find your way to one of these offices, you can get yourself set up at home, or at your place of business, with one of these fire suppression systems.

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