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23 Nov 2015 
Vesda air samplingVESDA or "very early smoke detection apparatus" is a smoke detector system that incorporates lasers as the early warning detection system. It is a generic name but most all air sampling applications are considered Vesda air sampling.

The actual name of "VESDA" comes from a company called Xtralis. Xtralis aims to make these vesda air sampling systems just for environments where keeping workers safe is a particular requirement.† These air samplers go above and beyond simply detecting smoke. They also pick up on gas or other environmental hazards in the air.

This is why these sampling systems are so important for many industrial buildings. They can detect such small amounts of smoke or other hazardous elements in the air that it is possible for an entire warehouse, factory or other industrial space to be evacuated promptly before anyone can be injured by breathing in any of these pollutants.

Keep on top of all ISO requirements by purchasing Vesda air sample systems. These systems are all rigorously tested and built to meet all ISO standards.

These systems can also prevent property damage and excessive business disruptions. Any time the system picks up on something, it can be addressed quickly and resolved before there is a delay in production or work flow.

These early air sample detectors come in a variety of models to suit any industrial space. They come in small units or very large ones. To find the right unit for your industrial space, visit the company website to view a comparison chart to gauge which unit is going to be best for your industry.

Ansul R-102

The system will make use of any existing piping to actively monitor the area for all kinds of threats to air quality. See about getting the global leader in air sampling for your industry now.

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23 Nov 2015 
Aspect Fire SolutionsIf youíre looking for a skilled and knowledgeable company who can help you with every aspect of fire detection and suppression, then look no further than Aspect Fire Solutions. These experts have all the equipment you need, as well as expert advice on creating the perfect fire prevention setup for your home or work environment. In this guide, weíre going to take a closer look at how they can help you - so letís begin.

To start with, Aspect Fire Solutions provide a wide range of products and services to help you prevent fire. Firstly, they have a quality range of fire detection products - which include a variety of detection units, sound alarms, and temperature sensors that can all work together to give you an accurate picture of whatís occurring in any room. By requesting a free quote, the company will be able to construct a customized plan that will help you to detect the presence of fire in any room.

Next, the provide a range of fire suppression systems, all of which pass the latest health and safety standards, and can be relied upon to suppress fire when every moment counts. The systems they provide will all fall into one of two categories - either chemical suppression or inert suppression. The type of product you choose will be based on the type of fire thatís occurred, but they can often work in synergy with each other, too.

If youíre running any kind of kitchen, this itís essential to have adequate fire prevention and suppression protocols in place to prevent damage to property and keep people safe. With this in mind, Aspect Fire Solutions can provide you with the popular R-102 kitchen suppression system, which has been used for many years by a variety of restaurants and catering services - and itís considered the best in the business.

Having a quality system in place to protect your kitchen can prevent a great deal of damage to your business, and using this system will allow you to avoid many disasters that can occur in a kitchen.

Ansul R-102

Whatís more, the company can also provide you with the state-of-the-art Vesa air sampling detection equipment, which goes a long way towards giving you early warning when there could be a fire development. It goes without saying that having an early detection system in place can be very beneficial, so itís well worth installing these devices whenever you can.

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